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We offer the best competition bikinis. Affordable, high quality and unique posing suits for all divisions and federations. Our posing suits are designed and handmade in Canada. All orders are custom made to size and ready in a few days. We provide fast shipping worldwide, hassle free alterations of exchanges if needed. Express shipping time to Canada and US is 3 days, to Europe 5 days, to Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South America 7-8 days.


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It is your big day, maybe it is your first ever fitness competition, you want everything to be perfect. You have so much to take care of, let us help you with choosing your posing suits. When choosing the best competition bikinis, you have a few things you have to consider.

The first thing is the fabric color. You want to make sure that the fabric color compliments your skin tone and hair color. You will have to tan according to the color of your competition bikinis. When you order light colored posing suits, make sure you get a darker tan. If you choose a darker color, don’t get a super dark tan. You want contrast between your skin and the suit.

Same rule applies to your hair color. If you have light hair (blonde, light brown) we recommend going with a darker suit. Brown hair goes with pretty much everything so choose your favorite color.  Red hair goes best with blue or green suits. Black hair goes best with red, white, pink.

We have a great selection of colors and fabric to create the best competition bikinis. We also offer metallic and hologram fabric to provide more shine on stage. Don’t forget, the goal is to stand out. If you choose a bikini without crystals, make sure you order metallic, hologram or sequined fabric. We have a great selection of sequin competition bikinis and plain posing suits which are elegant and affordable.  

Most girls prefer crystals on their suits. Crystals make the bikini sparkle and they make you feel like a princess. If you are going for the absolute wow factor, order a suit with lots of crystals. We offer different crystal design, choose the one you love the most.

Secondly, the connector type. For all of our best competition bikinis we choose connectors which we think will work best with the suit. Our most popular connectors are the straight 3-5 rows rhinestone connectors. We use those for most of our posing suits. When you order from us, you always have the option to request different connectors.

Keep in mind that the connector must compliment your shape. For example, for the bikini bottom you can choose a dangle style connector if you have a curvy, Latina shape. If you are more on the slim side with smaller hips, we recommend choosing thicker connectors. If you would like to request different connectors than the ones on the picture, please write your preference in the note section when ordering.

When you decided on the fabric, color, crystal design and connectors, you need to choose your bikini bottom cut and the size. We recommend getting the Brazilian cut for most federations. Usually most federations require a 30-50% coverage of the glutes. Our Brazilian cut is the safe option to make sure you meet these requirements. If you are competing in the pro league, you can go for the Pro cut. For pageants and other events, we recommend getting our Moderate cut.  If you have a C-section scar we recommend requesting a higher front cut bottom.

When you choose the size of the bikinis or posing suits you have think about how much weight you will still loose until the competition and how your body composition will change.  It is hard to figure out especially if it is your first competition but you have to make sure you order according to your competition day size. 

If you are around 4 weeks out and you don’t have more than 5-10 LBS to loose check your current size and order a size smaller for the bottoms. If you are more than 4 weeks out and have more than 10 LBS to loose consider ordering 2 sizes smaller for the bottom.

In addition, the bottoms for our competition bikinis and posing suits are easily adjustable for your convenience. For the tops, your size won’t change too much and there is not much difference between our cup sizes, order the size you are now. For more information about our sizing and bottom cuts, please see our sizing menu.

We hope that this guide will help you choosing the best competition bikinis for your events.